Awesome Since… (Adult/Youth)


Please type the year you'd like on this shirt in the “Baila Dancer Name for Bag” field. This will not add any additional cost to your order.

To avoid shipping costs use coupon code “dropshipsmoy” and pick up your items in the Parish Office. If you would prefer to pick this item up at St. Gertrude, St. Columban or King of Kings Preschool, please send me an email at to request a different pick up location (SMOY, St. Gertrude, St. Columban or KOK) immediately after submitting your order.

This will not ship to your home if you use the coupon code.

50% Cotton/50% Poly OR 100% Cotton Depending on Availability.

  • (Case Sensitive Printing: use lower case and UPPER case as you would like it to appear)

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Pink, Sport Grey